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OPEN 招聘 | OPEN is Hiring!

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OPEN is seeking professional, passionate, and energetic senior architect, architect, interior designer, and interns to join us! The office is located in Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing.


Who Are We?


OPEN is an international architectural practice founded by LI Hu and HUANG Wenjing in New York and Beijing.

代表作品/Signature work

上海油罐艺术中心,Tank Shanghai


© OPEN建筑事务所/OPEN Architecture

UCCA沙丘美术馆,UCCA Dune Art Museum

640.webp (1).jpg

© 吴清山/WU Qingshan

深圳坪山大剧院,ShenzhenPingshan Theatre

640.webp (2).jpg

© 张超/ZHANG Chao

山谷音乐厅(施工中),Chapel of Sound (under construction)

640.webp (3).jpg

© OPEN建筑事务所/OPEN Architecture

上海青浦平和双语学校,Shanghai Qingpu Pinghe International School

640.webp (4).jpg

© OPEN建筑事务所/OPEN Architecture

清华大学海洋中心,Tsinghua Ocean Center

640.webp (5).jpg

© 张超/ZHANG Chao


640.webp (6).jpg

© 张超/ZHANG Chao

田园学校/北京四中房山校区,Garden School/Beijing No.4 High School Fangshan Campus

640.webp (7).jpg

© 苏圣亮/SU Shengliang

歌华营地体验中心,Gehua Youth and Cultural Center

640.webp (8).jpg

©夏至/XIA Zhi

Who are we looking for?



· Senior Architect

_Professional degree in Architectureor a related field;_5+ yearsof solid work experiencein internationally renowned offices, having been involved inall phases of design work for medium to large-scale public projects;_Good design sensitivity, sound technical knowledge, keen attention to detail;_Proficient in AutoCAD, Rhino,Adobe Suite, and other work-related software;_Good work ethics and a strong sense of responsibility, good communicator, ableto effectively organize and lead design teams;_Bilingual in English and Chinese highly preferred.



· Architect

_Excellent design ability and strong graphic and/or modeling skills;_Clear thinker, organized, self-driven;_Professional degree in Architecture;_Good work ethics and a strong sense of responsibility, good communicator, able to work collaboratively;_Passionate designer, dynamic and energetic, always curious about new things;_Bilingual in English and Chinese is not a must but highly preferred.





· Interior Designer

_3+ yearsof solid interior design working experience, familiar withall phases of interior design;_Professional degree in Interior Design or Architecture required;_Other requirements are the same as the position for Architect.



· Intern

_Master student or undergraduate student above grade 4, majoring in Architecture;_Minimum 3months;_Good design sensitivity;_Proficient with 3D modeling software or physical modeling;_Previous working experience preferred.

Work at OPEN


Working with OPEN, you will gain


·Design, design, design!


Following the principle of 'Total Design', our designis all-around and penetrates into every step of theprocess.

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·Diverse projectopportunities


OPEN never repeats itselfand is alwaysprepared for upcoming challenges. Therefore, you will be able to touch upon agreat variety ofexciting projects across different types andscales.

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· Non-stop learningand explorations


We deem thatit's vital for architects tokeep pace with the constant developments and changes of thoughts, technologies, and legal codes. As part of OPEN's 'Continued Education Program, weregularly invite experts from architecture-related professionsto give valuabletalks and lectures, expanding the team knowledge and skills.

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绿色建筑专家陈音先生为OPEN建筑师们讲座建筑节能/Mr. CHENYin giving a lecture on Sustainable Building


· First-hand knowledge from the site


Weassign architects to stay on-site and supervise theactualconstruction of every project. It willbe a particularlyinvaluableexperience to witness a project's realization frompaper-drawing to final construction.

640 (3).gif

工地驻场/On-site supervision


· Convivial working environment


The office is hidden in the Fangjia Hutong within the Second Ring of Beijing, which enjoys a quiet yet dynamic environmentwith a hintof the lively Hutong life.We arean international teamwhich values a friendlyworking atmosphere first andforemost. For us, design should just be simple and enjoyable.

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每周五的happy hour/Every Friday'shappy hour:D


Welcome to join us, an excellent and energeticteam!

Apply now!



How to Apply

Interested candidates, please email CV and portfolio (in PDF format) tohr@openarch.com.Please kindly indicate salary expectations and available starting date. Attachment size is limited to a maximum of 10Mb. Please do not include any compressed files or download links. Applicants are highly encouraged to familiarize oneself with OPEN’s practice prior to submitting the application.




OPEN的作品在国际上赢得了广泛的关注和认可,曾获得美国P/A建筑奖、加拿大AZ设计大奖、美国AIA教育建筑奖优胜奖、英国Civic Trust Awards大奖、德国Iconic Awards Best of Best、美国AIANY年度优秀设计奖、美国Interior Design年度最佳设计奖、伦敦设计博物馆年度设计提名、WA中国建筑奖优胜奖、中国建筑传媒奖最佳建筑奖、中国建筑创作奖金奖等。近年来,OPEN也应邀参加了很多重要的国际展览,如2014威尼斯建筑双年展、2015首届芝加哥建筑双年展、2017意大利维罗纳的“城市灵魂”展、2018 China House Vision探索家——未来生活大展等。

About OPEN

OPEN is a passionate team of designers collaborating across different disciplines to practice urban design, landscape design, architectural design, and interior design, as well as the research and production of design strategies in the context of new challenges. We believe in the innovative power of architecture to transform people and the way they live while striking a new balance between manmade andnature.

OPEN was founded by LI Hu and HUANG Wenjing in New York City. It established its Beijing office in 2008. Some built and ongoing projects by OPEN include the Gehua Youth and Cultural Center, Garden School/Beijing No.4 High School Fangshan Campus, Tsinghua Ocean Center, Pingshan Performing Arts Center, Tank Shanghai, UCCA Dune Art Museum, Chapel of Sound, and Qingpu Pinghe International School.

OPEN has been widely recognized for its innovative work. Recent awards the firm received include the 2019 P/A Awards (USA), 2019 AZ Awards (Canada), 2018 AIA Education Facility Design Award of Excellence (USA), 2018 Civic Trust Awards (UK), 2017 Iconic Awards Best of Best (Germany), 2016 Interior Design’s Best of Year (USA), 2015 AIANY Design Award (USA), 2015 London Design Museum’s Design of the Year Nomination (UK), and the Winning Prize of the WA Awards for Chinese Architecture, among many others. OPEN has been invited to participate in many important international exhibitions, such as China House Vision in Beijing in 2018, “Soul of the City” in Verona, Italy in 2017, the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial in 2015, and the Chinese pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2014.

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